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Give no place to worry

do not be anxious (do not worry) about anything, but in everything, by payer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4v6

Do you struggle to get through the day because you’re consumed with worry? There’s an endless supply of things to worry about. It can consume you and distract you from living in the moment and from being in tune with God’s promises for your life. Matthew 6:25 Jesus commanded us not to worry about the needs of this life. Jesus said, “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on…..

Worry is the opposite of faith. It steals your peace, physically wears you out, and can even make you sick. When you worry, you torment yourself; you are doing the devil’s job for him. We all have to admit that worry is a common temptation in life; for many it is a favorite pastime. But we have a command from Scriptures not to worry (Matthew 6: 25-34). Worry will add no cubit to your stature has Jesus puts it. Worry achieves nothing! It does not make the situation better, it only compounds the problem. The word worry means ‘to be torn in two.’ And that is exactly what worry does; it tears you apart. The result of worry is that you live with tension; you cannot sleep and you cannot enjoy the present moment. Worry causes us to work against ourselves and hinders our fellowship with God. Are you worried about anything at all? Convert the worry time to prayer time.

When you worry you are saying in effect, “God, I just don’t think I can trust You.” it doesn’t make sense to believe God can save you from hell, but not help you in the practical matters of life. Since worrying should not be a part of a believer’s life, how does one overcome worry? In 1 Peter 5:7, we are instructed to cast all our cares on God because he cares for us. God does not want us you to carry around the weight of problems and burdens. God is telling you to give Him all of your worries and concerns. Why does God want to take on y our problems? The Bible says it is because He cares for you. God is concerned about everything that happens to you. No circumstance is too big or too small for His attention. When you give God your problems, He promises to give you the peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

Trusting God is the antidote to worry. Your heavenly Father cares about you, you are not forgotten. Trust Him to bring to pass all He has said concerning you. He has a track record of keeping His promises. He is not about to fail in your own case, He will bring His Word to pass concerning you.

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Too often women are associated with weakness rather than strength. Women are no weakling, women are strong. We have several examples of women who demonstrated strength in the Bible; Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth Esther, Ruth…….the list is endless. As a woman, there is a clarion call for you to rise up and take your place.

A woman is a creature of strength, this strength might not necessarily be physical but every woman possesses an inner strength that is deeper than what meets the eye. Are you faced with challenges that seem to weigh you down? Do you feel you have taken enough heat and can no longer bear anymore? We have women mentors all through the Scriptures that went through storms and overcame. Mary the Mother of Jesus got pregnant while still engaged to another man, how was she supposed to explain to the whole world that the pregnancy she carried was from God. No one in history had ever experienced such! Despite all of this, she overcame and is still been celebrated today. Ruth the Moabite was an example of unparalleled strength. After being widowed early in life, she stuck with her mother-in-law and followed God all her days, believing He would provide for her and He did! Woman, you are strong! strength is made perfect in your weaknesses”

2 Corinthians 12v9

It is important however for every woman to learn to draw strength from God; the strength of a godly woman is in God. 2Corithians 12:9 MSG version says, ‘….My grace is enough; it is all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness….’ A strong woman is a woman of prayer. Destinies are brought forth as you pray. As a wife, mother, sister, or daughter, the place of prayer is your place of Strength; learn to draw strength from your secret place. As you go through life, you will be confronted with challenges, refuse to give up, brace up yourself and pray. As you pray, strength will be released to overcome. Have you ever wondered why God placed wombs inside of us and not inside men, it is because He has put in every woman the strength to bring forth!

Despite the fact that women are the ones who get pregnant, bring forth children, and nurture them, a particular study revealed that women outlive men in almost all instances with the life expectancy of women being 83years compared to 79 years for men. How is that even possible despite all that women go through? Woman, you are strong!

Susan Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley had 19 children (only ten out of the nineteen children survived) and raised all our children in the faith; this brings to mind just one word, ‘Strength’. Two of those children grew up to shape the course of Christian history.

You are complete in God, you can handle whatever challenge life throws at you, and you have been designed by God to overcome. Cease to see yourself as a weakling but as a creature of strength that God has designed you to be.

Faith, Personal Growth

Refuse to be held by your past

Let the past be the past!

– Dee Adekugbe

You have to come out of the imprisonment of your past. Your past might have been adulterated but your future remains a virgin. Your yesteryears may bear the ugly stains of misery but the stains ought to pass with the past. In Christ, your tomorrow is uncontaminated. Your future bears no stain. You must not be nailed in the coffin of your past setbacks. For sure, the chapter of your future is not closed until you close it yourself.

The total message of the resurrection is that something that was dead can come back to life. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. You must pick up courage. God believes in your glorious future, you too should. Don’t be the one standing in your way of happiness and joy by giving the past power over your present and your future.

No matter how long things have been wrong in your life, you can make them right. It’s important to hold positive expectations in your mind. The things you say to yourself every day lift you up, or hold you down. The pain of the past will keep you in its grip unless you get your control back.

In Isaiah 43:18-19, the Lord promised to do a new thing in Israel, but Israel must do her part. God calls her to forget the past. Often it is this strong tie with the past that causes many to stagnate. Satan fears your future so much; he would want to tie you to your past. Satan knows it is God who planned your future. He is afraid it will be fulfilled. God made your eyes in front not behind so that you can look towards your future not backward. You can’t create bright new futures without moving beyond the past.

 The past, despite its impact on you, has become a story, and you can write a new chapter to reflect the future life you want to have, instead of telling the same old tale over and over again. There’s a saying that when one door closes, another opens. Life happens in stages, and there’s always potential for new growth and contribution, whether you chose the change or it was thrust upon you. Move into your next stage with a lighter load, and your new creations will happen more quickly and you’ll enjoy them that much more.

If you’ve ever heard a sermon about the walls of Jericho, the spies, or the woman who saved their necks, you heard a reference to Rahab the prostitute. Not Rahab, but Rahab the prostitute, as if that’s her full name. Circumstances and people may want to remind you of your past but refuse to be tied down by it. They may call you the same old names but the choice to live beyond the past lies in your hands.

When Rahab helped the Israelite spies, her life changed with that encounter—both spiritually or vocationally. She saw an opportunity to express her belief in the God of the Hebrews, and she experienced faith and grace. We don’t know how old she was when this changed occurred but she changed anyway! A great future lies ahead of you if only you will move beyond the failure and disappointments of the past and forge ahead!

Faith, Personal Growth

The Importance of Contentment

‘……….But Godliness with Contentment is great gain”

1Timothy 6:6

Contentment means a state of being happy and satisfied with who you are and what you have. Contentment will help you distinguish between wants and needs. When you are content, the abundance of the present is enough to lead a happy and healthy life. Contentment often leads to the realization that joy doesn’t come from material things. Instead, joy comes from God. Lack of contentment will rob you of Joy and Happiness, you will not be able to see and enjoy the many blessings God has blessed you with. I know women who after having a child had delay in getting pregnant again because of medical reasons. Instead of them to enjoy the blessing of the child God has blessed them with, they end up getting choked up with anxiety and therefore lose their joy. Contentment will allow you to enjoy the blessings of the present while believing God for better things. If you are married and you are trusting God for a child, enjoy your marriage and your husband in the process. Don’t let the devil rob you of your joy.

Apostle Paul once wrote, “I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities.”Most of us aren’t content with relatively good circumstances, let alone circumstances like those Paul mentions. What was the source of his contentment? Perhaps if we can understand how Paul could be content in his situation, we can learn to be content in ours. Paul’s contentment came from a knowledge that God will cause all things to work together for his good no matter the present circumstances. A godly woman is contented. Contentment does not mean settling for a life of mediocrity, it does not mean being lazy and lackadaisical about life. Contentment is a state of mind of being at peace with where you are while you are on your way to a better place.

In the beginning, man was perfectly content because man was in perfect communion with God. The story of God’s creation of mankind is found in the first two chapters of the Bible; by the third chapter, discontentment has entered the picture. Adam and Eve believed the lie that they could become like God.  They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator. In reality, Adam’s problem had nothing to do with what he actually lacked; it was about what Adam perceived he lacked. Often times, your dissatisfaction has nothing to do with what you lack but what you think you lack. Jealously, comparison, restlessness, depression, and aggression are the major factors of discontentment. Discontentment leaves deep scars on your soul and sometimes damages life in such a way that the damage is irreparable. Ask God today to help you to be content with where you are while you are on your way to where He has destined for you.

Contentment is not same as settling for a life of mediocrity; you must always desire to be better than where you are currently at. While on your way to a better place, be at peace and grateful for where you are as you journey to a better place!


Learning to Trust

‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.’ – Proverb 3:5-6.

Women are as important to Christ as the rest of His creation is; He doesn’t see women as inferior or as a second option to men. Rather, He sees them as His beloved creation which embodies His softness, tenderness and beauty. They are special to Him and He’s always willing to provide them with the things that will help them fulfill His purpose for their lives. Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who do not see themselves the way God sees them. They worry too much about many things, especially when things seem to be falling apart whether in their personal relationship with their spouse, their family, their finances or some other important area of their life.

Just like a loving parent would want a child to trust in them for its sustenance, safety, education and well-being, the same way God wants you to trust in Him for your entire life. I want to help you understand what trust really means, and how to actually trust God beyond mere lip service. First of all, trust – according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary – means an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of something or someone. And that is exactly what it means to trust God.

Your faith in God is incomplete when trust is lacking. To trust God is to be totally dependent on Him – seeking no alternative but listening to His voice to know just how He wants you to handle a situation. There is a lot of similarity between faith and trust, and sometimes in the Scriptures, they are used interchangeably in different Bible translations. However, trusting God takes us on a deeper journey; it demands that we give it all into the hands of God – even when we don’t understand.

There are many women who have faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior, but only a fewer number actually trust Him to be faithful and true to His promises. Those who trust Him are totally dependent on Him and on no one else. Even when situations and circumstances of life threaten to overwhelm them, they look to God and tell him, ‘Father, I trust in You!’

‘Blessed [with spiritual security] is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord.’ – Jeremiah 17:7 AMP.

Trusting in the Lord makes your heart tender and childlike, and this brings great joy and delight to His heart. But when you worry, doubt or fret over life’s issues – which confront everyone and not just you – you are simply saying you don’t trust in Him. And of a truth, it is easier to doubt God than to trust Him. This happens because the enemy paints grim pictures and presents a lot of negativity to our minds in his attempt to cut us off from God’s power, but you can overcome the enemy if you really want to.

So, how do you overcome the enemy and develop trust in God?

Ask God to help you trust Him.

‘Trust [confidently] in the Lord forever [He is your fortress, your shield, your banner], for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock [the Rock of Ages].’ – Isaiah 26:4 AMP.

God would not tell us to do whatever He cannot help us with, since it is His desire for you to trust Him, open up your heart to Him and tell Him the struggles you encounter in trying to trust Him – and then with a childlike faith – ask Him to help and teach you to trust Him with all your heart.

As you learn (or continue) to trust in Him and let Him have all your burdens and worries, you will experience supernatural peace in your heart and also in your circumstances. As a woman, it is important that you realize the only person who can sufficiently understand you and come to your rescue [every time you need him] is not your husband, kids or friends – but Jesus! He is the one who sticks closer than a spouse and knows just how to help you fix whatever might be wrong; all He asks is that you put your trust in Him!


The Overcoming Mindset

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

(Romans 12:2a)

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The quality of a person’s life is directly tied to their mindset—their belief system. Positive ones uplift and bring true prosperity while the negatives cause depression and defeat.

Luckily, there is a simple antidote. First, relinquish pride and admit the need for help. Secondly, pray passionately for God’s intervention in overcoming destructive viewpoints, because only He can truly overhaul them.

The final step requires fiery diligence and consistency. Renew your mind! Detach completely from the influences that fed those negative mindsets. Surround yourself with God’s Word through the Bible, God-glorifying content, music, movies, books and friends. 

Something miraculous will happen to you. You’ll discover, believe and actually witness the amazing promises God has made to you.

The renewed mind is the overcoming mind! Today, rest the transforming truth and step into the glorious plan He has drawn out just for you.


Lord Jesus, as I study your word daily let there be a rapid renewal of my mind, in Jesus’ name, Amen.