Smoke Anyone?

break-time-blogpost-917x460Here, there and everywhere is how most of us are. We are like busy bees flying from place to place with no rest in between. Then BANG we hit the wall of exhaustion, burnout, and frustration.

But wait! We don’t have to reach that point if we regularly take a break and have a Kit Kat (LOL). Ok, not the kit Kat, but the break. Better still why not do what smokers do and take regular smoke breaks.

Smoke breaks are free and not deducted from your pay or work time. It is legal and accepted by employers, who cannot discriminate against you because you have the need to smoke.  It’s also a good break from stress, pressure and other demands of your day.

Everyone can certainly benefit from a regular smoke break. The fresh air, relaxation, and the short walk is a good prescription to combat most stress, anxiety, and frustration. If we all take the same medicine three times a day, we would see a difference in our attitude, temperament, and work.

I don’t smoke, but I do take regular smoke breaks to inhale fresh air, go for a short prayer walk and clear my head. This type of smoke break is certainly better than inhaling nicotine and killing yourself prematurely.

So add regular smoke breaks into your day; go outside, inhale good old fresh air and even do a short prayer walk, it’s cheap, good for you, and will do wonders in your life.

Any want to join me for a smoke break?


1 thought on “Smoke Anyone?”

  1. A great and insightful post! Due to a burnout at my current job, my boss has said that it is necessary that all staff take their breaks, even coming up with a break schedule. Already, this has benefited me greatly and credit to my boss for thinking about self care and the health of her staff. May breaks come often but also I hope that the breaks and smoke breaks are the same. Time will tell. Thank you for a great post and very interesting and valuable information.


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